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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We won a ribbon for Third Place-Garden Accessories at the Flower Show last night....a good feeling after all the effort that goes into preparing for and doing this show.  We've seen lots of our customers from last year and a lot of new ones, too.  It's quite exciting for a couple of small-town midwesterners to do a show in a major metropolitan area.   (Not that we've never been in a city before, of course......we do shows in Chicago, Detroit, Colorado Springs, and Minneapolis to name a few).  We've been enjoying the Philadelphia friendliness and especially the food.  It's been a memorable experience so far!

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  1. I was at the flower show on wednesday the 4th and your stand was my favorite out of all of them. the creations you make are absolutely gorgeous- it kind of reminds me of a munchkin land kinda theme. i wouldve bought everything if i could have, but my friend's mom bought one of the larger hearts that hang for her home. please keep up the amazing work.


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